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Why it’s important to give feedback

Many volunteers tell us that they have never used the feedback form on our website

22 Nov 2016

Here are some important reasons why you should:

Let the organization you supported know what you think about your online collaboration

Completing the short feedback form is an excellent way of telling an organization what you liked about your collaboration. It also gives you the chance to share your thoughts on what you think they could improve. The feedback you share with the organizations counts towards an average displayed in the organizations’ accounts. Organizations can immediately see which aspects of their interaction with volunteers need improvement.

Let us know how happy you are with your online volunteering experience

We closely monitor your feedback, which helps UNV to not only keep track of organizations’ and volunteers’ satisfaction with their online collaboration but also to monitor collaborations and identify excellent, creative initiatives as well as take appropriate action when performance is not as expected.

Receive the certificate

You need to complete the feedback form so that organizations you supported can issue the certificate of appreciation. You can find the feedback organizations share with you as well as the certificate in your account.