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The Red Elephant Foundation Team

Alka Mann, Luqman Mani, Prathyusha Munjuluri

20 Mar 2018
© The Red Elephant Foundation: Image for the GBV help map with the slogan "Find help wherever you are" displayed across a world map


Gender-based violence is prevalent in every region of the world and knows no social, economic or national boundaries. To improve access to help and support services globally, the India-based NGO The Red Elephant Foundation has launched Saahas / The GBV Help Map, for survivors as well as bystanders of gender-based violence. The app, which features information and directories of verified services across 196 countries, was coded by the NGO’s founder Kirthi Jayakumar. It uses data researched and uploaded to a map by UN Online Volunteers.

“We split a massive list of countries among us, and by the end of two months we had a list of 15,000 organizations around the world who provide aid to women who have survived violence,” Kirthi says. She trained the volunteers on mapping via a video and a Skype call, and organized the collaboration using email, spreadsheets and Google Drive. After the data collection, she and the volunteers made verification calls to ensure the telephone numbers and organizations listed were accurate and operational. They also checked the organizations’ websites and social media before uploading the data into a web-based crowd map and the app. “So far, 1,700 survivors have benefited from this project.”

The Team

  • UN Online Volunteer Alka Mann

    Alka Mann


    Alka is pursuing an MBA in Finance and previously worked as audit officer for the government of India

    “I believe victims of gender based violence have very limited options to reach out to. There are police stations or NGOs, but most of the time, women are unaware of the right place to seek help from. This is a problem all across the globe, and it is why I decided to volunteer for The Red Elephant Foundation.”

  • UN Online Volunteer Luqman Mani

    Luqman Mani


    Luqman holds a Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning and works as Town Planning Officer in Katsina State.

    “I chose this assignment because of my interest in mapping and data collection, which stems from my university studies. My task involved rigorous research and organizing the information for the African countries.”

  • UN Online Volunteer Prathyusha Munjulur

    Prathyusha Munjuluri

    India / USA

    Prathyusha has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and worked as a developer for an IT company

    “Due to constant changes of place and having a pre-schooler at home, I was thrilled to discover the UNV Online Volunteering platform where I could volunteer from home. I'm glad to have taken up some tasks that'll help someone in the future.”