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Online volunteers working on quality data

13 online volunteers are working on strengthening the United Nations Evaluation Group’s (UNEG) database of evaluation reports

20 Mar 2016

The collection and analysis of data plays an increasingly important role to policy-making organizations working to address peace and development-related challenges. Find out what online volunteers are doing to help these organizations work on quality data:

Prepare and classify evaluation reports

13 online volunteers are working on strengthening the United Nations Evaluation Group’s (UNEG) database of evaluation reports to improve the quality and use of evaluation across the UN System. The volunteers help prepare brief descriptions of reports gathered from all UNEG members including the specialized agencies, funds, programmes and affiliated organizations. Online volunteers also collect meta-information used to classify and tag each report to make it searchable.

Evaluations help improve the UN's performance. By helping strengthen the database to improve the quality and use of evaluations, volunteers will be ultimately improving the effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of the UN's performance.

Assess e-government development

An online volunteer from a university in the field of public administration is collecting and analyzing statistical data on collaborative governance and use of information and communication technologies for delivery of public services. The data derives from national-level public sector websites in UN Member States and is included in the 2014 United Nations E-Government Survey.

The Survey, published biennially by the Division for Public Administration and Development Management of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, presents the ranking of e-government development across 193 United Nations Member States and aims to increase the efficiency of their public sectors. It provides decision makers with information that enables them to identify their areas of strengths and challenges, as well as suggested options on how best to move ahead. 

Help build a database of humanitarian training opportunities

Online volunteers are assisting in the development of a database of training providers for the International Association of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP). Building on discussions with practitioners, HR managers, and training providers regarding their information needs, PHAP has been developing a database of training providers, complementary to existing resources, specializing in areas related to humanitarian action. 

The volunteers research and list training opportunities relevant to the humanitarian sector, and provide input to the development of new functionality in order to enhance the database. The database contributes to PHAP’s overall mission of enhancing the capacity of the global humanitarian community to respond effectively and professionally to current and future crises.