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Launch of the 2018 State of the World’s Volunteerism Report

Join a global conversation on volunteerism and community resilience

11 Jul 2018
Invitation flyer to join the launch of the SWVR

Around the world, extreme weather events linked to climate change – including the catastrophic flooding in South Asia, Hurricane Maria in the Caribbean, and mudslides in Sierra Leone – have pushed volunteers to the forefront of disaster response efforts.  

Ordinary people contribute time and efforts to help communities cope and respond to emerging shocks and stresses.  And volunteerism is the thread that binds people, enabling them to work together for the good of their communities.  This was a key finding of the new United Nations flagship publication, the 2018 State of the World’s Volunteerism Report The thread that binds, which looks at how volunteerism and community resilience interact across diverse contexts.

The report also explores how complementarities between local volunteers and wider actors can strengthen volunteerism for community resilience.  One such example is the Agriculteurs Professionels du Cameroun, a rural development project in Tayap village in the Congo Basin – an area that has suffered widespread habitat and biodiversity loss. Through online volunteering, an agricultural engineer from Togo helped combat deforestation by analyzing satellite images of forest coverage while a renewable energy expert from France helped develop a solar energy project for the village.  The sustained multidisciplinary support provided online volunteers from different nationalities has been critical to the success of the project (Read the story here).

The full findings of the report will be launched on 18 July 2018 at the High-Level Political Forum in New York, from 1:15 – 2:30 pm EST. 

For the first time and to enable you to participate, the launch will also take place online and in an interactive way. Your voice will be heard along with the voices and perspectives from some of the one billion volunteers who are strengthening resilience in local communities worldwide.

How you can join the conversation  

  1. SIGN UP for the Facebook live event or watch the event on webtv.un.org
  2. SHARE the invitation flyer among your networks and partners
  3. ENGAGE in the social media campaign by following and retweeting @EvidenceUNV, @UNVOnline @UNVolunteers, #SWVR2018, #resilientcommunities, participating in the daily polls and quizzes, and sharing your insights and experiences on FB and Twitter.
  4. TUNE IN to the Facebook page and Twitter during the event as we will be requesting comments, questions and conducting polls during the event to allow volunteers and their supporters around the world to participate via smartphone technology.