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Involving online volunteers in grant proposal writing

After having developed a project, most organizations face the need to secure funding.

22 Sep 2016

Online volunteers can help you with identifying potential donors and grant opportunities as well as writing convincing funding proposals that are targeted to the individual donor’s requirements. You will need to provide the volunteer with detailed information about the project.

Successful proposal writing requires excellent writing skills, but also research and analysis skills, as online volunteers will have to express complex ideas in simple language. Experience with proposal writing, or even with a particular donor can be of advantage.

Asking one volunteer to write the narrative of the proposal and tasking another volunteer with the elaboration of the proposal budget would be a meaningful way to divide the task between two online volunteers. If you plan to approach several donors and especially if they have conflicting deadlines, you can also assign each volunteer a separate proposal. In either case, putting your volunteers in contact with each other and encouraging knowledge exchange will benefit the collaboration and the results.