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How to say ‘Thank you’ to your volunteers

There are many ways in which you can thank your online volunteers for giving their time, expertise and commitment to supporting your organization’s work.

20 Oct 2016

Tell volunteers about the difference they make

After volunteers complete an assignment, let them know about the results of their contributions. Keeping them informed of their projects’ impact is the volunteers’ greatest source of motivation and fulfilment.

Issue an online volunteering certificate

Our website offers an easy tool to help your organization issue a certificate of appreciation to your online volunteers. The certificate features the opportunity title, the volunteer’s name and your organization’s name and logo.

Give due credit to volunteers

Add a short sentence about the online volunteers’ support in brochures, leaflets, newsletters, websites and other products to which they contributed, e.g.: “We thank our online volunteer [name of the volunteer], mobilized through www.onlinevolunteering.org, for editing this report”.

Feature online volunteers’ contributions

A great way of showing your appreciation is to publish your online volunteers’ stories on your website or in your organization’s newsletters or reports.