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How online volunteers can support organizations’ fundraising activities

A common challenge development organizations face is the raising of funds for their projects and activities.

22 Aug 2016

Online volunteers can support organizations’ fundraising activities in many ways.

They can develop a fundraising strategy, design a social media fundraising campaign, share innovative fundraising ideas, research potential donor organizations and funding opportunities, obtain information on submission guidelines, draft letters and correspondence, write project proposals, or provide advice on how to approach and deal with different donors.

When applying to support an organization’s fundraising activities, it is important to be aware that -- as is indicated in the criteria for opportunities, and because of the legal and liability implications -- organizations should not request online volunteers to make in-kind donations or financial contributions, or to solicit donations from third parties. This includes the submission of funding proposals on behalf of the organization or the sending-out or posting of fundraising appeals for the organization.

If an organization asks you for this kind of support during the collaboration, you have every right to refuse their request and refer to the task to which you initially committed.