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Co-creating volunteering solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals

UNV brought together 13 partners from the private sector, governments and other UN agencies such as UNDP, UNHCR, UNFPA and UNFCCC in an Innovation Space workshop that was held at UNV’s headquarters in Bonn, Germany, on 2-3 February 2016.

28 Jun 2016

Among the private companies and foundations that participated in the workshop were SAP, Credit Suisse, Cisco Systems, Deutsche Post DHL, IBM, Medtronic Foundation, Microsoft, Philips Foundation, Samsung, UPS, Vodafone Foundation, Volvo Group and Zurich Insurance Group. The workshop explored innovative and cost-effective volunteer-based solutions that can help achieve the SDGs.

As an example of collaboration, UNV presented its new Online Volunteering prototype, to be launched together with a redesigned website this summer, which offers multiple functionalities for targeted cooperation with the private sector. This application can allow companies to measure both their contribution to global development efforts and the impact on their participating employees.

Among the volunteer-based solutions that were explored were volunteering opportunities, online engagement and thematic approaches that could be adopted by the private and public sectors to support the SDGs. The UNV programme, governments such as Germany, Sweden and Korea and the private sector acknowledged that their common purpose and shared values can help meet significant development objectives, especially if the innovation capabilities and expertise of the business community can be combined with the global development network of the UN.