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Association des Agriculteurs Professionels du Cameroun (AGRIPO) Team

Komivi Messan Akakpo, Alexandra Carraz-Ceselli, Laura Guien, Claudine Lecuret, Alexandra Lepin, Frédéric Millogo, Silvia Muiña, Andréanne Roux, Jonathan Sharp, Réjean Tremblay, Winnifrede de Schaetzen

05 Dec 2015

Since June 2014, more than 100 UN Online Volunteers have been collaborating with Agriculteurs Professionels du Cameroun (AGRIPO), a community-led innovative rural development programme operating in the village of Tayap, situated in the rainforest of the Congo basin of central Cameroon.  Faced with progressive destruction of natural habitats and biodiversity as well as growing scarcity of agricultural land, Tayap’s 254 inhabitants, most of whom are farmers, recognized the need to change their practices in order to preserve their environment and the village land. In 2010, AGRIPO was created and piloted an innovative rural development programme using agroecology, eco-tourism and gender sensitive funding to preserve the biodiversity and develop alternative and sustainable sources of income. 

The volunteers’ contributions have enabled the implementation of a major project on adaptation and climate change mitigation, and supported the organization to improve and scale up its programmes. Moreover, the creation of employment opportunities locally for women and youth and the development of local capacities would not have been possible without online volunteers. In 2014 alone, 45 online volunteers from Africa, America, Asia and Europe contributed 45% of the time the organization invested into its projects.

The collaboration with multicultural and multidisciplinary teams of online volunteers had a significant and measurable impact on the organization and the local community. “We secured two grants to finance our activities, and gained unprecedented visibility as well as international recognition in the field of innovation. AGRIPO would never have attained these results without the support of the online volunteer network of the United Nations Volunteers programme” – said Adeline Flore Ngo-Samnick, AGRIPO’s General Director. AGRIPO won the 2015 Prize for Climate Challenge Agriculture and Forestry, issued by the French Cooperation (AFD) and the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD).

The Team

  • Alexandra Lepin


    Press correspondent and web author
    Researched and wrote articles for AGRIPO’s participatory magazine on sustainable development, permaculture and slash-and-burn agriculture

  • Claudine Lecuret


    Professional experience in water and environment, as well as tourism
    Wrote and edited web content for AGRIPOas well as project proposals and background documents

  • Frédéric Millogo

    Burkina Faso

    IT specialist and GIS expert
    Created maps of the village and its surrounding landscape

  • Alexandra Carraz-Cesselli


    Press relations and communications specialist
    Worked on the organization’s profile and various communication tools

  • Jonathan Sharp

    United Kingdom / France

    Worked in publishing and as language teacher, currently stuying for a Master’s in Tropical Agroforestry
    Translated communication materials and project documents from French into English

  • Komivi Messan Akakpo

    Togo / France

    Agricultural engineer specialized in analysis and representation of geo-spatial information for natural resources
    Analysed satellite images of forest cover for developing a project in agro-forestry

  • Réjean Tremblay


    Telecommunications engineer
    Worked on researching and designing the solar energy project and on its funding proposal

  • Silvia Muiña


    Graduate in journalism and photography
    Edited and improved the quality of the organization’s photographs and contributed to building the organization’s image gallery

  • Laura Guien

    France / Spain

    Freelance print and multimedia journalist
    Wrote communications materials and contributed to web-documentary on AGRIPO’s work

  • Winnifrede de Schaetzen


    Retired from her work in city planning
    Designed the pictures of a book on Tayap and illustrated materials used in environmental classes at Tayap primary school

  • Andréanne Roux


    Engineer in sustainable energies
    Developed a project for solar energy project for the village